The Quin Murphy Foundation


The 8th Annual Quin Murphy

Memorial Scholarship Fundraiser

June 10, 2017
1:00 PM – 7:00 PM
85 F Street Chula Vista

Let’s raise some scholarship money for South Bay students! This year we will gather again to remember Quin Murphy and get some South Bay students the support and recognition they deserve!
Join us for our silent auction, dinner and beverages, good music and good friends.

The Fooks, Daisy Unchained and other talented music makers will join us!

Register HERE for FREE!   Donations gratefully accepted to support this event and more scholarships!  $20,000 to be given away in May, 2017. 

This will help us help us anticipate numbers to plan for food and drink and donations will help us fulfill our mission of getting more scholarships to South Bay students.

Always in need of silent auction items so let us know if you have any leads or donations! Please contact